On Our Way!!

29th October 2017

It's been a long, long wait. Hours of training from dedicated and determined swimmers. Long-suffering coaches shouting from the side; faster, slower, pace yourself, kick harder, push off... Endless trips at God unearthly hours to drop off pick up and cheer on tired swimmers from galas and swim meets. Hours spent amalgamating swim times, PBs, qualifications, records. I never knew swimming could be quite so complicated.

Finally, thankfully, mercifully we are on our way. Emotions have been running high over the last few months. Fluctuating from huge moments of elation when a new PB has been met to moments of despair when the idea of getting up at 5 am for the third time in a week just doesn't seem like fun anymore.

30 swimmers are coming from all over the UK and will gather in Paris for the 4th European DS swimming competition. Last night, having travelled on a variety of 'trains, planes and automobiles' we met in the hotel for our first team meeting. It will be fun that's for sure but it's going to be hard work as well.

Keith Banks has the overall responsibility being Head of Delegation. Sorry Keith bit of a tall order, not sure I'd like to be in your shoes but with Italy 2016 under your hat we all have faith in you.

Neil, our Team Manager and Steve, out Technical Manager will be watching from the sides. Well loved by all the swimmers. with loads of experience to boot the team will be quick to jump to order and do what they are told to.

Sandra and Andrea, gluttons for punishment, are once again coaching the team. Andrea has already been advising via group chats. Boosting morale when needed but not hesitating to keep over excited swimmers under control. There is a fine balance between over-exuberance and excitement I have learnt. Our coaches are experts at this.

Tracey and Terry will be poolside, getting the swimmers to races on time, calming last minute nerves and dealing with the inevitable meltdowns that will happen when things don't go according to plan. A large glass of something for both of you when you get back to the hotel in the evenings I think!
The new team doctor is Katherine, fingers crossed we won't need her.
So with painted fingers and toes, spare goggles and swimsuits in our bags, GB flag ready to wave deliriously we're off.

Paris here we come!


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